Job Opportunity - SALES ENGINEER. New York City, NY, Bachelor in Computer Science.


SALES ENGINEER. New YorkCity, NY, Bachelor in Computer Science. 2 years experience. Collaborate with sales teams to understand customer requirements, to promote the sales of company products, and to provide sales support. Sell products requiring extensive technical expertise and support for installation and use, such as material handling equipment, numerical-control machinery, and computer systems. Prepare and deliver technical presentations that explain products or services to customers and prospective customers. Develop sales plans to introduce products in new markets. Provide technical and non-technical support and services to clients or other staff members regarding the use, operation, and maintenance of equipment. Identify resale opportunities and support them to achieve sales plans. Require frequent travel and customer-facing activities. Serve as liaison between Leadcomm’s technical team in Brazil and Leadcomm International’s operations in US and Europe.
Skills: Knowledge of IBM IAM solutions, IBM QRadar, IBM Guardium, and Idera Precise. Knowledge with the technologies: Java, C/C++, Web Services, HTML. XML, JavaScript, XSLT, SOAP, LDAP; experience with DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, and or other enterprise-class RDBMS. Knowledge of Windows, z/OS, and Unix operating systems.
Send Resume to: jobs@leadcomm. com